Boost your corporate procurement performances through our Source-to-Pay solution

Manage orders and suppliers, improve your control over spending, streamline contract management, and plan purchases strategically—everything in our complete and scalable suite.


Boost your corporate procurement performances through our Source-to-Pay solution

Manage more efficiently orders and suppliers, improve your control over spending, streamline contracts management and plan purchases strategically. Everything in our complete and scalable suite.

Software Source-to-Pay Plan your spending Collaborate with Suppliers Purchase valuable spending Simplify recurring supplying Analyze your spending data Manage your Contracts Supervise invoices and payments

Sourcing Processes Optimized

Online Procurement is a single and complete solution to boost corporate procurement performances. Our modular software suite is designed and developed to optimize your company’s Sourcing processes improving the management of spending, purchases, and relationships with suppliers.

Manage your supplier more efficiently

Thanks to Online Procurement you can control and monitor the entire supply chain, maintaining transparency on the origin of raw materials and each production process.

Smart Vendor Scouting

Accelerate the process of finding new and valuable suppliers, build stable partnerships, and seize new savings opportunities by acquiring goods and services at a more advantageous price. Find out more about our Supplier Relationship Management module.

Contract Management made easy

Following an agile cooperation with your Suppliers, which simplifies the decision-making phase, you will be able to easily define provisions, standardize contract terms, and speed up the agreements signing phase of contracts gaining in terms of compliance and risk mitigation. Find out more about our Contract Management module.


Monitor invoices and payments

Get a centralized and up-to-date real-time overview of all accounting for your supplier network, quickly reconcile invoices and orders, and monitor the timeliness and correctness of payments for perfect compliance. Find out more about Invoice Management

Discover our Source-to-Pay Software Solution

Agile e-Procurement

Sheltering consolidated processes through flexible workflows, the platform use can be shaped around your organizational model: there is no need to change your company’s organizational charts or usual team tasks.

IT Free Solution

The platform features secure and reliable SaaS technologies, accessible anytime and anywhere via a browser. No installations, nor the involvement of internal IT resources are required.

Role-based Platform

Role-based access allows you to share and access only relevant data in compliance with the approval procedures defined by the company, avoiding sensitive data spreading.


Smart Connect

Online Procurement can be integrated with SAP and any third-party ERP software. Integrations are implemented by DigitalPA and do not require any changes to the management systems already in use by your organization.

A scalable solution able to follow your business priorities

DigitalPA can guide you step-by-step through the digitization of your purchasing processes. All Online Procurement modules can be activated on demand.

Our consultants are at your side to build a customized purchasing system, which can be gradually implemented for the optimization of your business processes shaped around your needs.

Completely digitize your company’s purchasing processes with online procurement software for suppliers and spend management

Suite modules allow you to simplify purchase order management, control spending in real time, plan purchases strategically, and select and manage suppliers more efficiently, ensuring greater standardization of processes and contracts.

Main modules of our scalable Source-to-Pay Suite

Supplier Management

Manage suppliers more effectively and get valuable supplies.


Optimize your procurement processes, browse online catalogs, compare offers, and purchase.

Strategic Purchasing

Increase your ROI with our advanced spending planning solution.

Contract Management

Contract compliance: streamlined, fast, and correct.

Invoice Management

Streamline the approval flow of payments