Whistleblowing – Features

The application layout is an exclusively dedicated platform, developed to meet the most stringent security and confidentiality requirements, which are essential in the whistleblowing procedure.

In fact, access and data management is certified by the ISO / IEC 27001 standards (Information Management System) which guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of the processed data.

The software is fully compliant with the ISO 37301 (formerly 19600) and ISO 37001 standards dedicated respectively to the guidelines for the Compliance Management System and the Anti-bribery Management System, and therefore conforms to obtaining the certifications by the company or organization which chooses it.

Main features

Identity protection

Clear distinction between the registration process and the reporting process, for a correct separation of data to protect the whistleblower’s anonymity;


Possibility to manage reports of registered and unregistered users (at the client’s own discretion);


Direct assignement of reports to supervisors according to typology;

Third parties

Possibility of interaction with third parties other than whistleblower and supervisor


Access regulated in accordance with the GDPR (EU Regulation 679/2016);

AI powered translation

Automatic translation of reports and messages


Configured either for Companies or Public Authorities;


Web portal and dedicated mobile app for whistleblowers;



Customization of contents, office circulars and administration policies;


Possibility of select the language;


Accessibility from any device (computer, tablet and smartphone);


Complete statistics and system logs that track all the operations performed on the platform;

Service Level Agreement

High-level SLA (Service Level Agreement) with maximum service reachability.

The software who meets the highest security and secrecy requirements

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