Simplify the process of approving payments to suppliers

Monitor the timeliness and accuracy of supplier payments to ensure perfect compliance.

Comparison of purchase order, invoice and contract at a glance

Complete visibility of the order-invoice-contract cycle reduces the time spent on audits and increases the accuracy of controls.

Customized authorizing process

Thanks to procedures structured around your business needs and shared between all managers, you can always maintain compliance with the payment authorization process.

Comprehensive spend tracking and visibility

The real-time overview of all supplier accounts allows for comprehensive tracking of expenditures and control of company cash flow.

Control over each phase of contract execution

Monitor the progress of the contract, minimizing delays and risks related to the management of legal compliance and the delivery of the service or supply.

Higher productivity and better collaboration

The centralization of all information in one platform promotes productivity and optimizes communication between all departments involved, accelerating payment approval times.


Unleash the force of e-Procurement

Online Procurement is the Source-to-Pay modular suite for the complete digitalization of corporate purchasing processes.

Successfully close the Procure to Pay cycle with invoice and payment management

By automating the final step of the purchasing cycle with Invoice Management, procurement process managers can focus on delivering business value and reduce the time spent on manual tasks.

Module features

  • Integration with ERP and electronic invoicing software
  • Automatic purchase order/supplier associations for quick comparisons
  • Centralized dashboard with advanced information retrieval system
  • Automatic organization of documents in the archive
  • Integrated messaging for communication between different business units

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Main modules of our scalable Source-to-Pay Suite

Supplier Management

Manage suppliers more effectively and get valuable supplies.


Optimize your procurement processes, browse online catalogs, compare offers, and purchase.

Strategic Purchasing

Increase your ROI with our advanced spending planning solution.

Contract Management

Contract compliance: streamlined, fast, and correct.