Accelerate the scouting process and build successful relationships with suppliers

Choosing the right supplier and a smooth onboarding process are key to increasing profits and making valuable purchases.

Manage your suppliers more efficiently

Online Procurement supports you in managing the growing complexity of your Supply Chain: recognize best-performing suppliers, communicate and negotiate efficiently with huge time and cost savings.

Customize your Qualification process

Be sure to find the right supplier by customizing the qualification process using vendor profiles built around procurement and business needs.

The onboarding process becomes faster and easier thanks to an advanced categorization shaping all steps, from supplier registration to order management. Find out more about our Supplier Relationship Management module.

Take advantage of our Supplier Network

Access to a network of pre-qualified suppliers and accelerate your business. Discover all the advantages of our Supplier Portal.

Smart Scouting for significant savings

Thanks to an intuitive and useful Vendor Scouting process you can identify the best suppliers aligned with business needs able to guarantee better (and more) goods and services.

Unleash the force of e-Procurement

Online Procurement is the Source-to-Pay modular suite for the complete digitalization of corporate purchasing processes.

Discover all the advantages of our Supplier Relationship Management

Thanks to Online Procurement you can find strategic suppliers and transform them in business partners focused on results: starting from the onboarding process and suppliers’ segmentation you can increase purchasing quality while saving time and money. Find out more about our Supplier Relationship Management module.

Module features

  • Intuitive and useful scouting of the best-performing suppliers
  • Supplier qualification and segmentation based on business needs
  • Real-time monitoring of supplier and accurate Vendor Rating aligned with business needs
  • Evaluate Supplier performances through dynamic questionnaires and checklist models
  • Full control over suppliers’ life-cycle avoiding low performances and resources depleting

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Main modules of our scalable Source-to-Pay Suite


Optimize your procurement processes, browse online catalogs, compare offers, and purchase.

Strategic Purchasing

Increase your ROI with our advanced spending planning solution.

Contract Management

Contract compliance: streamlined, fast, and correct.

Invoice Management

Streamline the approval flow of payments