Develop, monitor, and manage your purchasing strategy

Online Procurement’s Strategic Purchasing module allows you to plan your budget and spend according to your organization’s business needs, set savings targets, and initiate purchase requests.


Develop, monitor, and manage your purchasing strategy

The Strategic Purchasing module of Online Procurement allows you to plan your budget and expenses according to your corporate business needs, set saving objectives and initiate purchasing requests.

Make sure efficiency starts with planning

Thanks to the Strategic Purchasing module you can transform the mission, vision, and objectives of your company into measurable activities useful to plan, budget, and manage purchasing functions all around.

A more efficient organizational system

Gain full control of purchasing from event creation to approval, up to continuous development and planning.

Lower overall management costs

Manage activities of strategic planning by exploiting the complete data circularity across different Online Procurement modules.

Standardize, control budget, and minimize risk error

Manage more accurately your spending following your business needs and standards in requesting proposals, addressing them just to suppliers more aligned with your purchasing objectives.

Unleash the force of e-Procurement Procurement is the Source-to-Pay modular suite for the complete digitalization of corporate purchasing processes.

Monitor and strategically plan spending to save more

Our Strategic Purchasing module is a flexible solution that adapts to your business workflows and organizational charts: the role-based assessment guarantees that purchasing procedures are optimized by managers and users who are specifically responsible for that approval or management step.

Module features:

  • Define spend categories and plan budgets
  • Monitor and strategically plan purchases
  • Analyze purchase requests and capture business needs

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