Our values

Ethics and legality are our foundations, a starting and end point for a long-term project through our commitment to improvement, transparency, sustainability and personal development.



Allow companies and Public Administration to fully realise their potential through increased efficiency, communication and spending rationalization.


Our efforts revolve around the goal of standing as a point of reference for the culture of legality and regulatory compliance while raising the bar on software development. We are an innovative company that offers the best products available, which is why we are an industry leader.


Customer-focused approach

Relationships with customers is key. We listen to and understand their needs and way of using technology. All of this provides value and support for our customers so that they are able to achieve their peak potential. DigitalPA creates lasting relationships and synergies between corporate customers and Public Administration in terms of sharing information and resources. We want to empower customers to embrace computerization, thereby allowing them to fully appreciate the improvements in terms of efficiency and rationalization.

Individuality and Professionalism

Our mission requires outstanding professionalism that encompasses the qualities of intelligence and passion, enthusiasm and creativity, also embracing the following values:

  • Moral integrity and honesty
  • Dedication to society, customers, partners and technology
  • Willingness to accept large challenges and fully pursue them
  • Self-criticism, self-analysis and dedication to personal excellence and self-improvement
  • Openness and respect towards others and commitment to value them
  • Responsibility towards commitments, results and quality for customers, partners and employees