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The DigitalPA Group – Digital Innovation through excellent services

Since 2000 we leverage passion and innovation to develop the future of software

The DigitalPA Group is a consolidated software development, support and consultancy company for Public Administrations and Businesses. We embody excellence in the sector through our proposals of innovative and avant-garde solutions, representing a point of reference for the culture of legality and compliance.

Ongoing collaboration with companies and public administrations has allowed DigitalPA to best serve the market needs by developing software applications that guide the customer along simplification and digital transformation processes.


Young people with revolutionary ideas and strong technical skills founded a company to prove their talent in the field of information technology and showing off a true passion for it. A strong collaboration with public administrations and investee companies in need of trusted support in the digitalization process begins immediately.


After 10 years of activity alongside public administration, the company is very clear about the specific needs of its clients and sees the potential of simplifying and optimizing processes: the company expands its team of developers and begins the development of software applications in SaaS.


The revolutionary vision leads to the creation of the first e-Procurement software in Italy for the complete online management of supplier lists. The platform is a forerunner of what will later become a standard for Supplier Relationship Management, and in the following years will develop in the leading software Acquisti Telematici, the unique and complete suite for the management of public procurement.



The Company addresses the private sector by developing the Whistleblowing software and obtaining important certifications such as ISO 9001 and ISO IEC 27001 quality management system by TUV. DigitalPA registers procedure of Secure Digital Proposal © with SIA and Copyright Office of Washington offering a concrete guarantee of security for Buyers and Suppliers.


Excellent applications and services confirm DigitalPA as a leading company in the national software market, getting to an exponential growth: + 250% of new customers. The team triples and headquarter in Cagliari is moved to a more strategic business district.

The national development plan takes place starting from Milan and Rome, then arriving in Sulmona (Abruzzo), strategic location in Central Italy. In April 2019, also the global internationalization plan begins.

2020 -2021

DigitalPA confirms itself as a growth champion and consolidates the internationalization plans by:

  • Opening and strengthening the Spanish office in the center of Barcelona.
  • Supplying the Source-to-Pay solution Online Procurement in the global market.
  • Expanding the use of the Legality Whistleblowing solution worldwide, also thanks to voice reporting compliant with Directive (EU) 2019/1937.


In 2022, the Financial Times includes DigitalPA among the 1,000 European companies with the fastest growth rate, a recognition that is confirmed by further rankings in 2023.

The company also signs a strategic partnership with Oracle in 2023 to improve its cloud infrastructure and reduce CO2 emissions by adopting the “Oracle Cloud Infrastructure” (OCI) solution.

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Our team

The group has over 100 employees including a top-level development group, numerous consultants and professionals with over twenty years of experience.

DigitalPA has four offices strategically located in Italy (Sulmona, Rome, Milan and Cagliari). The HQ in Cagliari leverages a property of over 1000 square meters located in the blue tower part of the strategic business district of Monreale.

The Spanish office is located in the city center of Barcelona.

Our Certifications

Management and other important business certifications serve the DigitalPA main purpose of improving performances and organizational skills guaranteeing maximum IT security, effectiveness and efficiency to every single customer.


ISO 9001

Quality Management


ISO 27001

Information Security


ISO 22301

Business Continuity


ISO 37301

Compliance Management


ISO 37001

Anti-Bribery Management



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