E-Procurement Software

Manage your suppliers and Control your purchasing procedures

Seeking to satisfy every need, DigitalPA has developed the Online Procurement e-procurement system, which integrates all forms of online procurement into a modular solution, streamlining processes and reducing purchase and management costs.



  • Cuts paperwork, not trees!
  • No particular hardware or software needed for its management
  • No installation on local computers required
  • Hosted in secure hosting facilities with strict security protocols

User friendly

  • Recruitment, selection and invitations made easy
  • Automatic receipt of quotations during tenders
  • Supply chain automatisation


  • Certified electronic e-mail to communicate with suppliers and participants
  • Data and documents preservation through back-up system


  • Better knowledge of electronic market and commodities
  • Dematerialization of paperwork


Unleash the force of e-Procurement

Make the complex process of the suppliers and purchasing procedures more functional and optimise the human resources work by interfacing the different departments and their operators.  

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